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CTOCKS is a transparent and completely analytical investment mechanism enabling you invest in mobile products quickly and securely. Having analyzed the most valuable refined data, you will invest in a product, your investment will be utilized only on new user acquisition and monetization tactics.


For mobile product owners, CTOCKS provides a productive collaboration environment that can be rather managed digitally than physical incorporation and does not have to last a lifetime.


In CTOCKS, investment details are set by product owners, so investors will find countless investment opportunities with various values, periods and percentages.

Distinguishing Features
CTOCKS delivers you key digital marketing and product metrics such as metrics of retention, downloads, revenues and number of users. You will be able to calculate your own profitability by using these fundamental and important data.
CTOCKS is a new generation digital investment marketplace where the most advanced tech partners take roles, e.g., AWS and Stripe. From registration to withdrawal from your wallet, every process is deemed to be swift and steady.
CTOCKS takes security very seriously to protect businesses and efforts of all parties. It has been and will always be top prioritized subject matter to allocate the time and money to deliver the most secure infrastructure possible by the latest trustable technologies.
As a 21 century investment marketplace for digital products, a glassbox transparency is one of the rock-solid pledges CTOCKS made. All the key metrics, transactions, costs and revenue details are served to you through beautifully designed dashboards.
how we work
01Handing Over The AppsCTOCKS takes the full control of financial transactions of the products and gets granted the accesses to all revenue streams from Apple, Google and numerous Advertising Networks, becoming the trusted partner in the process for those who are benefiting the growth opportunities
02Creating CreditLine for AdvertisementCTOCKS treats every product equally and doesn't get involved in any decision making process of them including marketing operations, development progress and the ways their businesses are being run. All CTOCKS has to do is to transfer each invested penny to seize all growth and monetization chances, and monitor all transactions top-to-toe fashion.
03Revenue SharingOnce the investments are utilized to increase the number of active users and boosting the revenue of the products, it is time for the investor to get benefited. According to the revenue share details at the beginning, their profits are calculated and wired to them securely.
benefits for product owners
Benefits for Product OwnersThe mobile businesses are totally free to form their own investment profiles deciding many details, e.g., the investment rate, duration of revenue-share with investors and the percentage of a single revenue-portion. Getting invested through CTOCKS is a smooth process where there is no physical incorporation and paper work. When you get investment, you start running online advertisements using your C-Card, your virtual bank card, tailored for you to boost your product and reach new user.get listed
why invest with us?
Why invest with us?CTOCKS lets you have an investment opportunity in mobile app products without any hassle. You are able to find the best products for you, calculate your profitability, buy revenue-portions and increase your passive income. Depositing and withdrawing fund to your C-Wallet will be available with your bank or credit cards.become an investor
Investment is the most intelligent when it is most businesslike.Ben Graham
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